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There are different types of visa available from which you can select.


                                             There are number of visas for individuals (and                                                ​          their dependent family members) who do not                                                                                    have a job offer but who hold sought after work                                                                                  experience and qualifications .

                                                                        Visa applicants must lodge an Expression of                                                                                        Interest (EOI) to ascertain if their attributes                                                                                        qualify them under the Skilled Migration Points                                                                                Scheme. Points are awarded for attributes such as                                                                              age, language proficiency, employment                                                                                                experience, qualifications, whether or not they are                                                                            willing to live in rural areas and their partners'                                                                                  attributes.



If you have graduated with

qualifications relevant to the skilled

occupation list within the last 6

months, you may be eligible for an 18

month visa.

 If your qualifications do not relate to

the Skilled Occupation List you may

still be eligible under the Post-Study

Work Stream where there are no

restrictions in regards to what you

have studied but you must not have been granted a student visa before 5 November 2011.


CORPORATE VISA (EMPLOYER SPONSORED)-------------------------------------------------



Applicant’s with an eligible sponsor may be granted a visa for up to 4 years in duration. The position must meet the average Australian market salary and be no less than $53,900 per annum (as at 1 July 2013). After 2 years of continuous employer, the employer may be able to nominate the employee for permanent residency.


If you have not held a 457 within the last 2 years and you are applying outside Australia, a business can sponsor you for permanent direct entry. You must however hold at least 3 years of relevant work experience and possess a competent level of english. Your skills will have to be assessed. Under this an all permanent business nomination schemes, the employer will have to show a commitment to training domestic staff.



Different states and territories impose different regulations for permanent direct entry into a regional area for full time positions to address skills shortages for 2 years. Upon notifying us of your skills and circumstances we will be able to indicate the most appropriate states and territories for you.




This visa allows the applicant to perform work which is not ongoing in nature for a maximum duration of 3 months. Applicants must be off-shore and must be able to financially support themselves for the duration of their visa. Applicants must arrive in Australia within 3 months from the date the visa is granted. Streams under which this visa is valid are:

  • Highly Specialised Work

  • Invited Participant (cultural or social activity)

  • National Interest



Available to applicants who genuinely intend to visit Australia for the purpose for which their visa is granted, are able to financially support themselves and their dependents and meet health and character requirements. Streams include:

  • Tourism

  • Sponsored to visit family

  • Business activity (including meetings, enquiries and conferences)














There are two different streams of visa categories for Australian residents and citizens wishing to have their parent’s migrate to the country.

  • Standard Stream (Cheaper with significant processing time)

In 2014 a processing time of 13 years was anticipated based on changing government immigration caps. In April 2014 the cost of applying was $2,370 and $1,185 for additional applicants over the age of 18. Providing onshore applicants do not have a no further stay condition on their visas (typically for low risk passport holders), they are given a Bridging Visa to remain in Australia during the process but will not be eligible for Medicare. Visitors visas can be applied for while awaiting processing.

  • Contributory Parent Stream (Expensive with shorter processing time)

The contributory parent stream allows one to apply for a temporary visa before the granting of a permanent visa. The temporary visa runs for a maximum duration of 2 years and allows immediate access to Medicare and rights to work. The cost of the temporary visa in 2014 was in excess of $40,000 and the cost of the permanent visa in excess of $19,000. Under latest budget announcement, Australian Government is phasing out non-contributory parent stream. The processing time in 2014 was between 12 and 24 months.



Visas are available for children under the age of 18 or under the age of 26 if they are studying full-time and and financially dependent on their parents, for last remaining relatives, for dependent relatives aged 65 or over and for carers (see ‘Parents Migration’). Waiting times may be significant and we will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your circumstances. Under latest budget announcement, Australian Government is phasing out some of these family streams.




Those married to, in a de facto relationship with, or engaged to an Australian resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen may be eligible for a 2 years temporary resident visa and subsequently a permanent visa. In some circumstances the 2 years waiting period may be waived.

All applications are judged on the genuineness of the relationship. Evidence may include living arrangements, financial and period of relationship.




If your permanent residency expires while you are in Australia, you are entitled to remain in Australia but are not entitled to travel as a permanent resident.

You may be eligible for a 5 years 155 resident return visa if you have been in Australia for at least 2 years in the last 5 years before applying for this visa.

If you have not been in Australia for at least 2 years in the last 5 years before applying for this visa and you have substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia, you must demonstrate compelling reasons for your absence.

Alternatively if you have not been in Australia for 2 years in the last 5 years, but have been in Australia for at least 1 day, you may be granted with a 1 year 157 resident return visa if you can show compelling and compassionate reasons for having to leave Australia.


To be granted citizenship you must satisfy residence requirements including 4 years of residence in Australia with 12 months of residency immediately before applying for citizenship. Absences from Australia cannot total more than 12 months in the 4 years prior to the application, including no more than 90 days in the 12 months prior to applying for citizenship. A useful tool to calculate your residence requirement suitability can be found here



Refused visa applications may be subject to appeals from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Reasons for the refusal and relevant deadlines for appeal will be listed on the refusal letter. We are able to assist you in the appeals process in determining what grounds you have for appeal and how best to argue those grounds with the goal having your desired visa granted.


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